The Plan

How we get from an idea to your live website

So you are probably wondering about how all of this is going to work. Lets break it down to four main steps:


During each of the these steps you will have the opportunity for your input on the progress of the website. A website evolves throughout its creation so it is important to maintain clear and constructive communication during the building process. 

Please continue down the page to read an in-depth description of each step of the process.


This is a casual meeting for us to get to know each other. If you are a local, we can meet up for a coffee (or a beer) and learn about you and your business. If you are a little further away, we can always do the meeting online.

I will come with some questions so I can get a clear understand of the project and to make sure that we can work together to make an excellent website.

I will provide my time in this step of the process for free as I feel it is important to get to build a relationship before we get into business.

Time-frame: approximately one hour meeting.

meeting with client

Design Proof

In this stage I will create digital images for each page to give you an example of what the website will look like. This stage is very important for locking in the layout of the website. Once you have the design, take a few days to review and write down any feedback you have about the site.

We will then come together to discuss the feedback and agree on the process moving forward. If required, I will then update the design and provide you with a second proof. This process can be repeated twice to ensure the design is matching your specifications.  

Once the proof is approved, we will move into the building phase.

Time-frame: first proof – 3 days – 1 week depending on complexity of website and my schedule.

website wireframes on ipad
Integrated Website example

Working Proof

In this stage we turn the design proof into a real, working website. All the pages will be fully interactive and linking as any good website should. This is your chance to test all the aspects of the website and make sure it looks and works as we discussed in the previous stages. Once everything looks good, all that will be left is to confirm the website.

Time-frame: two – four weeks from confirmation of design proof.

Going Live

The exciting part

Now that you have gone through all the stages and your website is looking amazing, all you have to do is email confirmation that you are ready to go live. Simply provide me with your hosting information and I will begin the process to make your new website live. 

That pretty much wraps it up… you will have your new dream website ready to conquer the online world. 

I look forward to that day 🙂

Time-frame: one – three business days.

Map of the world

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